What Happens When You Wear All Your Crystals At Once?

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Do you have a beautiful collection of crystal jewelry? Maybe you've wondered what would happen if you wear all of your crystal jewelry at once. It turns out that combining healing crystals and gemstones is an art and you can learn which crystals go best together and which ones may not go the best together. Crystals actually pick up on the energy of the environment around them as well as other crystals. Much like plants that benefit each other, there are crystals that also amplify each other and bring out the best in each other. So you can create powerful energy by combining certain crystals by wearing them as jewelry or by making crystal formations like crystal grids. From the website of atperrys.com, they share that wearing more than three different crystals at once might be too much. But you can always try out and see what works for you. It also helps to tune the energies of your healing crystals and gemstones to each other so that they are harmonious with each other.

Over at the website they share that the best crystals to combine include the 7 Chakra generator crystals. They have a pendant which includes crystals that work in harmony with each other to balance and activate the 7 chakras so it would be the perfect way to wear more than one or two crystals at a time. The pendant includes Red Jasper for the root chakra, for the sacral chakra Orange Aventurine, for the solar plexus chakra Yellow Aventurine, for the heart chakra it's Green Aventurine, for the throat chakra they have Lapis Lazuli, for the third eye chakra is Blue Aventurine and for the crown chakra is Amethyst. In the centre is a clear quartz which helps to amplify and activate the energy of all the healing crystals and gemstones. A couple of crystals that work very well together are Agate and Carnelian. Since Agate is a very comforting stone, it works really well with Carnelian, which has an energy of warmth. The combination of the two beautiful crystals will bring in positive new beginnings, productivity and success. Pretty Peridot and gorgeous Garnet are beautiful crystals to put together as well. Garnet is terrific for empowerment and courage while peridot is excellent for emotional balance. So together the two healing crystals can help to release emotional trauma and suffering so that you can gain self-confidence.

Citrine and Smoky Quartz work well together in combination. Citrine is good for the kidneys and digestion, and Smoky Quartz is good for depression and fear. With the combination of the two healing crystals, you'll feel some inner peace and strength. Another beautiful combination of gemstones is Labradorite and Sapphire which are both a lovely blue. They will bring harmony in your body, mind and spirit and they will also help you with attracting success and wealth because they attract good fortune. A purple and red stone together have such a royal appeal to them which is why Amethyst and Ruby make such a beautiful crystal combination. They activate healing and peace within the person wearing them, and they are perfect for healing the heart. Topaz and Aquamarine are great for focusing on your spiritual mission. Plus they help you to release tension and protect you from harm. These are just some of the great crystal and gemstone combinations you can try out for yourself. Check out all of the crystal combinations on the website though and then buy the crystals that are calling to you either in an online store or a crystal store that is closest to you.***

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