Top 10 Protection Crystals: Which One Is Best For You

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Protection crystals have strong protective qualities that may help you in all aspects of your life. Protection crystals can help you dispel any negative energies and may help to keep you safe from physical and psychical harm. There are also Protection Crystals that can keep you centered and grounded, motivated or focused. Some protective healing crystals can work to remove blocked energies, while some healing crystals can work to help attract luck and bring protection to the person who wears the stone. The vibrations that Protection Crystals emit can help you attune to the things that will make a safe, happy, peaceful, and balanced environment. Protection Crystals can help you have and keep a harmonious relationship, respect for yourself and a healthy state of mind. You will want to take a look at the list of ten protection crystals at the Krista Mitchell site. The following are just some of the healing crystals you will find on the site.

Black Tourmaline. This healing crystal helps to repel lower and more harmful frequencies. You can use this healing crystal for meditation to help for general for all-round protection. Black Tourmaline may help to create the equivalent of an electrical force field around your aura so that any lower vibes and psychic debris will easily bounce right off you. This is usually why Black Tourmaline is the most commonly recommended healing crystal for protection. A weakness of this healing crystal is that it only works for un-intentional energies, which are vibes that are being sent at you willfully. Still, this healing crystal is a good choice for a protective crystal used on a daily basis.

Jet. This healing crystal clears away any internalized emotional energy for empaths. As an empath you may not be able to find a healing crystal that will keep you from feeling other peoples' energy, you can, however, use crystals to help your feelings. Jet is a healing crystal that absorbs energy more than it emits, so when you get hit with another person's emotions, if you are wearing jet this healing crystal will draw those vibes out of your system. You will still be in tune, but you won't have to suffer because of it. Jet does need to be regularly cleared and may need to be cleared several times throughout the day if it is working hard, so you want to keep that in mind, or the healing crystal will start to fall off you and break.

Labradorite. Labradorite is a healing crystal that may help shield you against psychic attack, ill-wishing and fixation. Psychic attack is something can take on many forms, one being people hating on you, fantasizing about you, gossiping about you, and epic ruin. This also applies to people who may be fixated on you as a love interest who want something from you that you do not want to give, and people who are pulling on your energy to fill their own needs, void or lack. Wearing this healing crystal is like placing a shield or a coat of armor over your heart chakra. This healing crystal keeps you covered while you ride out what is other peoples' pain. It is recommended that also this healing crystal using a heart stone, such as rose quartz or pink kunzite, which add a buffer zone of compassion. You will want to take a look at the full liste of protective and healing crystals you will find on the Krista Mitchell site. You will find these healing crystals at the Krista Mitchell site. On the site, you will find healing crystals, meditation, healing crystals for psychic attacks, crystal classes and more. **

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