This May Not Be the Most Extravagant House Ever Built, but It Sure Is Sweet, Don't You Think?

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Is this sweet Log Home one you can imagine yourself living in? With all of those windows on the outside, you just know how much light must be on the inside. And what about that front porch? Isn’t it easy to see yourself sitting out there, perhaps in a rocking chair, reading a good book and sipping your afternoon tea? There’s so much room out here, enough for a barbecue, a patio table, and chairs. Some of the front porch is covered, and some of it isn’t, so you would always have the option of sun or shade, and will be well-protected if it's raining. Imagine the kids running up those front stairs, laughing and rosy-cheeked, healthy and happy – simply because they’re living the log cabin dream.

And, if you’re really enjoying this log cabin photo, there are lots more where this one came from. Over at the Original Log Cabin Homes website, you can view an entire gallery of log cabin home exteriors, and continue dreaming all afternoon long. There are log cabins of every shape and size here, giving you lots of ideas for your own design. In this exterior gallery, you’ll find photos log home roofs, gables, windows, skylights, dormers, decks, patios, porches, balconies, entryways, doors, gateways, rails, cement stairs, wooden stairs, stone chimneys, brick chimneys, cement chimneys, garages, sheds, gazebos, and beautiful landscaping! The Original Log Cabin Homes website also has a gallery of interior photos, offering great ideas for log home Great Rooms, living rooms, lofts, indoor balconies, master bedrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, utility rooms, closets, bathrooms, stairways, spiral staircases, hallways, fireplaces, stone furniture, log furniture, log home decorations, lighting, track lighting, chandeliers, and every other detail you can imagine.

Original Log Cabin Homes offers log home designs and construction packages, all primarily using three different kinds of high-quality wood: cedar, pine, and cypress, but they also use others like redwood, Douglas fir, and spruce, and many different blends of these beautiful woods to create the most original, efficient, and enduring log homes. They also pride themselves in their building philosophy of stewardship – this means they promote sustainability and always build their log cabin homes while respecting the environment. They also use environmentally-responsible products throughout their construction process. These are always important factor when choosing the right company to build your log home – you want a beautiful home that co-exists in harmony with all of nature around it. Original Log Cabin Homes can provide this for you.

As you are probably aware, the more knowledge you have before you start a log home project, the more successful your process will be. The Original Log Homes website can offer you all kinds of helpful resources for building your own log cabin home. They have exterior and interior log cabin photo galleries, as you’ve already seen, as well as information on the best types of timber to use, mill tours, floor plans, buyer’s guides, designer’s blog listings, financing ideas, and so much more. In addition to log cabin homes, Original Log Homes can also build garden sheds, garages, log cabin cottages, small cabins, log mansions, and companion structures. So, if you’re on a log cabin mission and are in the process of collecting ideas and well-researched reference points, this could be a wonderful place to start.

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