This 100 square foot Tiny Homes offers a hinged deck with swinging glass entry doors!

There are so many new tiny houses being built these days. It's a really amazing process to witness all of these different people getting paired with their dream homes. Each of the tiny houses is a little bit different, each with a unique style and design all its own. If you've been considering building a tiny house on wheels of your own, you might be very interested in checking out other people's tiny houses. It's very inspiring to look at the different designs and take some of the ideas to implement into your very own design. If you're trying to build a tiny house on a budget, just like any other building project, the smaller you build, the lower the overall cost of the project will be. This super tiny house is only 100 square feet which is pretty tiny even for a tiny house on wheels. You'll notice that the average size of tiny house is usually somewhere around the 200 to 250 square foot range and usually around 24 feet long. This seems to be a happy medium for singles and couples living in a tiny house and is still a great size for towing around more frequently. The larger tiny houses might be a little bit more difficult to tow and to find parking for, especially in cities.

This home featured on the Home Blings YouTube channel is called The "Centipede" and it actually offers more space than you'd think. Thats another thing about building a tiny house and the overall design of a tiny house, there are so many different ways to fit everything you need into the space. You definitely have to make use of every square inch of the space, but there are also many creative ways of going about this like putting storage in stair cases and creating beautiful open storage shelving. There's also the option of adding on out door space like a patio and if the tiny house is going to be moved around a lot, then the deck can be made to go on hinges so it can fold down when it's in use and folded up for transportation. This tiny house actually features a hinged deck and it has impressive swinging glass entry doors. These doors also help to bring natural light and views into the space so that it feels and appears larger than it is. The patio is just big enough to fit two large Airdonrandack chairs on it and it also has steps leading down to the ground level. It would be important to figure out a good locking system for the patio so that it stays really secure while the house is in motion.

They've also included a large skylight in the center of the home which is perfect for adding more natural light into the main area where you'll see a pull out sofa bed, and a kitchen area which includes a mini fridge and a sink in it. There's also a closet area and a cute little bathroom with a toilet and a shower. To save space in the bathroom, there is no sink or vanity and the kitchen sink would be used as the bathroom sink as well. The sleeping loft is just above and can be accessed by a sliding ladder which can be moved out of the way when it's not in use. This beautiful and simple design was created by Utopian Villas who has a bunch of other beautiful tiny house designs. Check out the full video tour of the Centipede on the House Blings YouTube channel and see some of the other houses they feature on their channel too.***

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