The 3D Floor Plans for this Cabin are SO COOL

Would you love to live in a beautiful home surrounded by nature? The Camp Creek Cabin makes this possible with the Dog Trot House Plan, and the best part is, that it doesn't cost too much to build it! With the rise in housing prices in North America, people are looking for more affordable options for places to live, but also ones that don't have to sacrifice everything in order to downsize. Most people are choosing to go smaller too, just because they are seeing that the life of excess, doesn't really lead to happiness and that sometimes less can really be more.

This Dog Trot House Plan, from Max House Plans, is a really awesome one! It would be a great house to have, even for a family or just a couple with plenty of room for the residents and for guests who come to visit. The whole space is 1,556 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms spread out over 2 stories. There is no garage, but there is a loft space that could work as storage or as an additional bedroom for when guests come to spend the night, or maybe for a studio or home office.

The house looks just adorable, from the photos you see on the Max House Plans website. The home also has great outdoor space, with a large front porch, perfect for sitting out on and relaxing, enjoying the beautiful surroundings your home is set in. Think of the wonderful memories that could be created in this log home. The other nice feature is the hallway that is all glass and the stone fire place which is a very nice touch, adding to the rustic vibe of the home. The Camp Creek Cabin would be the best cabin or even for use as a permanent residence. Head over to 'Max House Plans' for more by following the link in the section below!

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