The $14 Dollar Laser Cut Log Cabin Kit

Are you looking for something fun to do with the family? Are you tired of doing board games and other indoor activities that involve just watching your favorite TV show? Well, here is a fun activity that you might want to consider with the whole family and thatís building a houses. Okay, before you react, I am not talking about building a large houses. Instead you can build these tiny ones and get that same understanding of building and bonding with your family. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, because not only do you get to have a fun time with the family, but you also get to beautify your place as well.

Introducing the N SCALE Laser Cut Log Cabin House Kit. It is something that would keep you and your family busy over a weekend of off from work and school. You will need some wood glue and a knife to assemble this log cabin and appreciate the finished product. The price is only $14.95 on Ebay, so you wonít regret buying it because it is really affordable. The company can also ship and deliver worldwide, so if you have some loved one abroad and you want to give them something unique; this item is fun to create.

Give your home a new look by just adding this decorative piece that you have finished with your family. You will have to paint it on your own since the colors are not included in the kit. It really is a fun project to put all your creative energy on, and once it is finished you will be amazed at how realistic it is. Ebay accepts all major credit cards for payment and you can also pay using your PayPal account. Check out the link on Ebay below for more information about this product. You will not regret it.

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