Old Coffee Table Turned Into a Bench

Revive an old piece of furniture to look new again with this diy tutorial. Old worn out furniture may not look as good as it once did, but it still has some life in it. This is especially true for older wooden furniture so long as it's not water damaged or has mould on it. Wooden furniture usually just needs a little love and attention to restore it and make it look great again, even though it can be a lot of work, you'll be so happy with the results. You can find cool old pieces of wooden furniture at garage sales and thrift stores, or check out auctions and estate sales for the really good items. Sometimes you can find pieces that are in fairly decent condition too and they may not need any additional work done to them. These pieces may cost a bit more but it would be worth it to not have to do all of the work too. Restoring wood furniture is pretty easy once you know what you're doing, it's just a lengthy process, so you need a whole weekend or a couple of days at least to work on your wood items.

First you'll need to sand down your wood piece to get rid of any imperfections, the old finish and stain and to rough it up so it will accept the new stain. You can use an electric sander to make your job much easier, but using a sanding block or a sanding tool with a handle will also be easier than sanding with just plain sand paper. Use a high grit sand paper at first and then a fine grit to smooth everything out and always be certain to sand with the grain of the wood. If you sand in circular motions or against the grain, you'll end up with marks that just don't look right and that will look more like scratches. Once you're all done, you can then wipe off the surface to get rid of any dust, using a tack cloth that is kind of sticky is best for this step. Then, you can apply the stain in whatever color you like. You can also paint your piece a color if you like just be sure to do a couple of coats to make it consistent. After you're done sanding or painting you'll then seal the wood with a varnish to protect it.

There are also fun diy projects like the one you'll learn here that will teach you how to make a beautiful upholstered bench out of an old coffee table. This is a great diy idea if you love the look of antique furniture, but need to do your home designing on a budget. You can find an old coffee table at any thrift store or garage sale, in any style you like. If you like more of a modern look, get a coffee table with cleaner lines and if you would prefer a more rustic look then get a farmhouse style coffee table instead. In this tutorial from Rustic Owl Creatures, you'll be shown the diy ideas to transform your piece into an antique looking bench by applying the paint to have a shabby chic look. You basically apply the paint as you normally would, but then destress it afterwards. Then, you make an upholstered seat cushion for the top of the coffee table and attach it to the top. You can use any fabric you like that will match your decor. Try out this and more fun diy projects from the Rustic Owl Creatures website.***

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