New Is Cool, but an Old Cabin Just Feels Warm and Solid In

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A rustic old wooden cabin like this is just the thing to make you dream of a nice little cabin in the woods to spend some time away, and enjoy the great outdoors. This old wooden cabin is sure to remind many people of a little cabin they spent summers in down by the lake or a wooden cabin on the mountainside. You will still find rustic log cabins like this all over the world. There is something comforting and cozy about a little log cabin, the rustic look of the logs and the fireplace invite us in to stay a while. Our family had a log cabin that was built by my grandfather many years before. As kids, my brother, cousins and I felt like the spot was the greatest location and adventure ever. It didn't matter that the rustic log cabin had to electricity. We never heard the term off-grid. We just knew when we got there that dinner would be cooked over the campfire, wood stove, or Coleman stove. If we needed to get warm, we would start the wood stove, or build a campfire. Light would be provided by the Coleman or kerosene lanterns, and the glow of the fire.

The rustic log cabin was located on an island, so the only way to get there was by boat, which made it feel all the more remote. On the lake, there were only two other log cabins, besides ours. And both of those log cabins rarely had visitors, except when they would occasionally fly in by float plane. Days at the log cabin would be spent fishing, boating, swimming, and snorkeling. My brother and I would paddle out to different locations around the lake, and explore other areas. We even found an old log cabin that had become part of the earth but was exciting for two curious children, to imagine the people who had stayed there in the past. The drive to the lake was also an adventure as the lake was miles off the main road; it was a washed out old dirt road that wasn't always the easiest to maneuver. So when we got to that log cabin, after the long road trip and boat ride, it felt like a whole other world away. We mostly had the lake to ourselves. It was beautiful, remote and always an adventure. Like the time our truck got stuck, and we had to camp out and wait for help to get us back in order.

When you are staying in a wilderness location, you have so much beauty around you. The trees, the lake, and the wildlife. There were times we would hear and sometimes see a moose, along with deer and the occasional black bear. There were lots of loons on the lake that would take off against the water and always fascinate us when they did, along with the beautiful call they would make. Of course, fishing is always fun (when you are catching something), along with pulling an inner tube or water skiing behind the boat.

That was many years ago, but those are some of my most fond memories, and I can't help but think in some way that those years helped form me. They gave me an appreciation for nature, wildlife, and the things we have to do to protect these things. Every child should stay in a rustic log cabin, or even just a log cabin that is surrounded by wilderness, and be given a chance to learn and appreciate nature, it's one of the best things you can do. Log cabin living doesn't always have to be so rustic, or remote. But that's not to say that a little adventure in your life is a bad thing. It makes for memories that will last a lifetime, one's that you will never forget.

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