How To Use Crystals To Manifest Health & Happiness

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Healing crystals are fast-becoming the cornerstone of many people's efforts in self help. Celebrities including Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry are raving about their collections of high-vibration crystals. Whether seeking abundance or looking to become more in tune with the universe, crystals possess dazzling potential. Often referred to as "wisdom keepers" and even "stone people", these gorgeous formations contain millions of years' worth of history right inside them. Since the dawn of time, people have used the Earth's energy as a form of self help to obtain guidance, connect with the universe, balance their moods, and more. Currently, crystals can be found in yoga studios, in beauty products, in self help guides, jewelry, and more. Valued for their incredibly potent energy, crystals are an amazing gift from the universe and one that countless self-help gurus recommend for manifesting dramatic life changes. One of the primary goals of self help is to attain a positive shift in energy. If you've been operating on a negative plane, then you cannot be surprised that things aren't going your way. You may have tried other forms of self help to reach a better, brighter, mental space. But, if yoga or meditation haven't guided you out of your negative thinking, speaking, or feeling, then crystals, as one of the most benign and beneficial gifts that the universe has supplied, could be right for you.

Beyond promoting positive energy shifts, certain crystals can help people manifest abundance. There are even crystals that foster physical healing. This type of self help is hardly brand new. Using crystals to brighten moods, create positive energy, and promote physical, mental, and emotional healing is something that people have done all throughout history. The key to getting the greatest benefits from this self help lies in understanding how to choose the right crystals for your needs. Fortunately, when disbursing its amazing gift of crystals, the universe was more than generous. The intensely personal nature of the selection process is why crystal working is often categorized as self help. After all, even though you might come across two crystals that look fairly identical in size, shape and color, they can have dramatic differences in their overall energetic effects. Every crystal is inherently unique. For example, citrine is an excellent crystal if you want to manifest happiness and abundance. Selenite is great for those who want to remove negative energy from the body and increase their mental clarity.

Although crystals are an amazing gift from the universe, the universe isn't going to do all the work for you. After you've picked the right crystal for your self help intentions, you have to clear away the energy of any hands that have touched it before. This recharges the energy of the crystal. You might try running it under fresh, pure water. Then, draw upon the power of the universe by letting it sit beneath the moon or the sun. You can also use frankincense or sage to infuse the stone with sacred smoke. Finally, try placing it in a space that's filled with high-vibration music. Consider that you're practicing self help to achieve or manifest greater happiness and abundance. Think about the low-vibrational and negative energy that has potentially surrounded others with these same goals. It's easy to see why cleansing is so important. Finally, you'll need to establish your self help intentions, whether these pertain to abundance, physical healing or energy raising. This entails aligning your self help goals with the crystal's energy. Connect with the universe, the earth, your breath, and all that you believe in, while simultaneously touching and connecting with the stone. Next, whether you want more abundance, happiness, a stronger connection with the universe, or better health, state your intention out loud. Working with the crystal regularly will help you manifest the happiness and abundance you seek.

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