Here's a Replica of the Log Cabin Built and Occupied by Lincoln's Father

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There is something so rustic and charming about a tiny log cabin surrounded by forest. While some log cabins are grandiose, stunning and expensive, there are many inexpensive options that are also attractive, such as the Lincoln Cabin by Zook Cabins.Placed amidst the 86-acre Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Park is a replica of the log cabin built and occupied by Thomas Lincoln, father of 16th U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln. While Abe never lived in the cabin and visited infrequently, the log cabin became associated with him after the death of his father in 1851. The saddlebag style log cabin, which had two main rooms and additional storage and sleeping space in the loft, was called home by over 18 members of the Lincoln family. In 1893, the original Lincoln log cabin was disassembled. It was shipped to the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, where it served as an exhibit. While the original log cabin was lost after the exposition (and may have even been used as firewood), a replica was built from photographs and descriptions in 1934 as a project of the Civilian Conservation Corps. While the reconstructed version of the Lincoln log cabin measured 13 x 17 feet, the original was thought to be 16 x 18 feet in size and contained only one door, one window, a stone fireplace, and a dirt floor.

Typically log cabins are dwellings constructed of logs and are generally considered less finished or less architecturally sophisticated. While that may be true of the original Lincoln log cabin, it is not true of Zook Cabin’s Lincoln Cabin, which contains many modern conveniences required by today’s cabin owners. While today’s log cabins tend to have little in common with Abraham Lincoln’s fabled birthplace, a certain style of log cabin has become associated with Lincoln. Typically these cabins are nearly double the size of the “Lincoln log cabin” replicated on the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Park, usually include multiple windows and a long, covered front porch. The Lincoln Cabin by Zook Cabins is no exception, featuring a 6’ porch that is the full length of the stained log siding cabin, which is built as large as 28 x 40 feet. The Lincoln Cabin also comes with many available options, including finished interior, hardwood flooring, kitchenette and bathroom packages as well as floor plans with as many as two bedrooms. The original Lincoln log cabin had a sleeping loft accessed by a wooden ladder, which this Lincoln Cabin does not feature, but there’s no need – it’s big enough for two bedrooms already.

Although Europeans constructed log cabins for centuries (perhaps even as early as 3,500 BCE), log cabins are really synonymous with early first-generation European settlers in North America. The first log cabins in the present-day United States may have been constructed as early as 1638 by the Forest Finns, originally from Sweden. The quick and easy construction techniques of the Swedish-Finish colonists not only remained, but spread far and wide and was utilized by later German and Ukrainian immigrants. Because log cabins were never intended as permanent dwellings by settlers, few log cabins dating from the 18th century remain standing. Even Abe Lincoln’s parent’s house is a testament to this.

Depending on how small or how large you want your Lincoln Cabin to be, your size will range from 384 to 880 square feet, and cost from about $64,000 up to a little over $107,000 for a full Lincoln Cabin, which includes all materials, delivery, setup and even crane rental. It doesn’t get much better than that! Now you too can own your very own stunning Lincoln Cabin easily and inexpensively.

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