Get some inspiring ideas from this 254 sq ft triple roof line Tiny Home

Check out this lovely little cottage inspired tiny house design by VIVA Collectiv, a tiny house building company. Looking at tiny house design can be a great way to gain some inspiration for your own build, or just for fun. It's quite amazing to see all of the unique designs coming out of the tiny house movement and how people are using this movement to create a better life for themselves. This is quite a large tiny house on wheels called The "Funk"; it's 254 square feet in total which is a good amount of space for a tiny home. Tiny houses on wheels can be anywhere from 60 square feet or even less, to about 400 square feet for the larger ones. To be road legal without a permit, your tiny house must be within the highway regulated guidelines which say that an RV or Tiny House can be up to 8.5 feet wide, by 13.6 feet tall from the ground to the tip, and up to 30 feet long. There are, of course, tiny house designs that are longer and wider and some even taller than these regulations, but they would be required to get a permit each time they were moved which wouldn't be sustainable for some people who move a lot with their tiny houses.

Tiny houses not only give people the opportunity to have a place to call home when they're on the road, but they also act as affordable housing for those who can't afford to buy a conventional home. Over the past decade, we've seen housing prices go up very high, which is making it very difficult for lower income families to afford to buy a home of their own. Living in a tiny house gives people an alternative means of housing so they can own their house without debt and afford to live comfortably within their means. It also means that the owners are able to create their own tiny house design, so they can really make the home their own which is very nice. There are even families with younger children who live in a tiny house on wheels together and teenagers who are building their own tiny houses to save some money on housing while they're in college. Retirees are also choosing to downsize into a tiny house on wheels to travel more and to have less space to clean. So as you can see, tiny house living can really be for anyone.

This charming tiny house on wheels looks so inviting from the outside with the dark board and batten siding and the vibrant orange door. They've even built a deck on the front of the tiny house which is a great idea to extend the living space outside. The designers also added in so many windows which really brightens the space up. One of the smaller ends of the house has a full wall of windows which brings natural light into the living room area and opens the space up so much. That's one of the best tiny house tricks to open up as space more, just add lots of windows or large windows to a space and instantly, it will expand. You can also try lighter colours of paint as well as mirrors to reflect the light and space. The living room area even includes a proper couch and a huge book case. The kitchen in this tiny house design is very large too, with so much counter space and all of the appliances you'd need. Make sure to check out the entire tour of the home and see what you think.***

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