Dont Ignore These Symptoms Of Energy Shifts!

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Have you ever felt like the world and our universe is changing in pretty drastic ways in a spiritual sense? Human evolution and the evolution of the universe is unavoidable, but one thing that is an uncertainty is how it will happen and how quickly it will all go down. Many new age spiritual belief systems say that we are entering into the Age of Aquarius, and there are new energies that are impacting the Earth and all beings on the planet. They also say that this means that our bodies, minds and spirits are going through a lot of different symptoms, some noticeable and some not. As the energy and frequency of the planet upgrades, so too will the frequencies in our bodies. These symptoms are called energy shift symptoms, and they are experienced as energy shift symptoms as our physical bodies are adjusting to the new energy coming in. Even the Mayans and Aztecs wrote about the coming of a new world which could just mean the upgrade of our thinking and behaviour in the world as well as a change to our physical attributes. Human evolution has already had human beings go through some pretty noticeable physical changes from the way we look, to the way we walk and speak. So the idea that we are now going through some kind of another shift is quite likely.

Most of these changes and spiritual shifts include ideas from different spiritual beliefs or religions. One of the aspects that is referenced to the most is our chakra system which is part of our energy system or subtle body. The chakras are seven energy centres in the energy or subtle body that govern the different areas of the body from the tailbone all the way up to the top of the head. The higher the chakras go, the more they connect with the universe and our spirit or soul. So one of the main awakening symptoms is headaches since the crown chakra which is located at the top of our heads is opening. It's said that this can be caused by too much energy flowing into the crown chakra at once. You can always meditate and concentrate on slowing the flow of energy down. The other area of the head that could cause more subtle energy shifts in the body is the third eye chakra which is another area of the body where energy flows in through. Again, just meditate and focus on slowing down the incoming energy so you can process it at a slower rate that's comfortable for you.

Some people feel the intuition to clean up their diets while they are evolving to be their best selves. This could mean anything from cutting out meat or sugar to just cutting down on these foods. It could also mean eating more fresh organic produce every day and drinking more water. Many people also start eating less processed food too. So with this change, you may notice that your body might have flu-like symptoms. Allow your body to go through them and go to the doctor or naturopath if need be. Your body will simply be processing out all of the toxins and flushing them out. Make sure you're taking some good vitamins and minerals too and drinking plenty of water to help your body out. As you wake up to different things that are happening in the world, you may also feel very emotional which is also a part of evolving as an empathic human being. You may also find yourself wanting to find the deep seeded emotional root of any issue you're experiencing which is where therapy with a professional psychologist or therapist will help a lot. Be sure to take your time and find a therapist that you really resonate with so you can work on learning how to process and feel your emotions in a healthy way. Check out the rest of the symptoms on Mystical Raven.***

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