Check out the Cute Kitchen Nook of the Carson Log Home.

With summer fast approaching, most of us are starting to look forward to that time we have booked off from work. Maybe itís a family or friendís cottage, maybe a rental property you've been frequenting for years. Itís nice to be able to get out of Dodge for a week or two during the summer to connect with the people that matter to you by escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and our day-to-day lives. You might be closer to owning your own little piece of paradise than you think. Check out the cute kitchen nook of this Carson log home.

For just $299.95, you could be in the possession of the preliminary blueprints for a 1658 square foot, 3 bed, 2 bath Carson log home. With different log style and corner options available so you can tailor make this beautiful little log home to you and for familyís personality. There is something about the beauty, smell and rustic feel of an all log home, something harking back to simpler times that really puts you in touch with nature and your surroundings that I love about these kits. Warm, welcoming, able to stand up to the elements, entertaining, barbecues, family reunions, these log home starter kits are the perfect option if you are thinking about getting into the vacation property market and the best part is this concept allows you total control over the construction and implementation of the plans so you know you are going to be satisfied with your investment when all is said and done.

Invest in something that will be in your family for generations. As someone who grew up in a family that fortunately had access to places and properties like these, the memories and experiences I have had in places like these will stay with me for the rest of my life. The kitchen nook just off the rear of the dwelling, for me, is one of the defining features. Tucked into a little alcove, the kitchen nook has a built in mini veranda that can serve as a place to eat and socialize when the weather is nice and is protected so for when the weather is not so nice. It might be worth your while to invest in some mosquito netting to go around the perimeter of the small patio for those nights when the citronella candles just wonít cut it.

For more information and sample blueprint illustrations for this and other great log homes, visit the Eloghomes website by following the link at the bottom of this article.

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