Another Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

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“Say cheesecake! “ Yummy. Do you love cheesecake? Me too! Got your special day coming up? Love strawberries? No problem! We have here a recipe with your favorite strawberry flavor plus the yummy layers of fresh cheese, eggs and sugar. Perhaps you are now interested in learning how to make this tasty treat? That’s good! For first timers who are not that familiar with cheesecake, here is a little information about it. This is a sweet dish which consists of one or more layers. The bottom or last layer usually consists of crushed cookies like graham or digestive cookies. Some cheesecakes are baked, and some are not (usually refrigerated.) Cheesecakes can be prepared in a variety of flavors too such as strawberry, chestnut or toffee, key lime and pumpkin. Different countries have their own variations in making cheesecakes. All I know is that I love the layers of creamy cheesy goodness. No need to worry about the ingredients for this recipe. It is super simple and some are likely already in your kitchen. The instructions are easy to follow which is good because not all of us have their cooking skills.

Crushed graham crackers are also used in this recipe. These were invented in 1829 in Bound Brook , New Jersey by Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham. The original graham crackers were made with graham flour, a combination of finely ground unbleached wheat flour with the wheat bran and germ coarsely ground. Graham crackers are widely used in making desserts such as cheesecakes and refrigerated graham cakes. Not like other cookies, graham crackers don’t have much of the sweet tasting effect. For the soft cheesy part, I suggest that you use the brand of Philadelphia cream cheese. What is cream cheese anyway? This is a soft, mild tasting fresh cheese with a high fat content. Compared to an ordinary cheese, cream cheese are white in color. I love the taste and texture of cream cheese.

This recipe won’t be complete without the juicy and tasty strawberry. Yummy. What are you waiting for? Please visit “soberjulie” website below to get the list of ingredients and instructions to this amazing cheesecake dessert.

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