A 400-Square-Foot Rustic Masterpiece

Tiny homes have never looked as good as they do today, the use of reclaimed wood, stone and wood throughout can add a beautiful appeal. "A 400-Square-Foot Rustic Masterpiece," really sums up this place perfectly, I think it just became my new tiny house favorite, its exterior and interior are perfectly done, it would be easy to see myself and our family living there, on a nice piece of property.

This 400 square foot tiny house on wheels, has a rustic handcrafted appeal, with the use of lots of stone and wood. The interior is beautiful, with lots of wood throughout on both the ceiling and floor, with built in wooden shelves in the living room. The master bedroom on the first floor is cosy but spacious with the most comfy bed I have ever seen. Upstairs in the loft is enough room for two double beds where the kids can sleep. The kitchen is amazing, with modern stainless steel appliances, a huge kitchen island, reclaimed wood paneling, giving it a rustic appeal, this kitchen has enough room for entertaining (hard to believe when you consider the place is only 400 square feet), the luxurious shower with modern fixtures also has lots of space, and outside you have a covered patio which extends your living space outside, amazing!

The nice thing about a small home is that most people own the house outright, that means you have more money to put in the bank and save for your retirement. Also small home building might have you living on an acreage, rather than the city where most often you have a larger house, but less outdoor space. Living small, allows you to save money, have less space to fill thus spending less money on unnecessary things, and less space to clean, but a larger outdoor space, sounds like a good trade off to me.

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