20 Log Cabins That Will Make You Want to Move Out of the City

In case you are looking for a good reason to change location to finally break that monotony in your life, here are photos of 20 log cabins that will inspire you want to start to dream. If you have been living in the city for too long now, you probably are thinking of taking a break to just be free from all the stress that it has brought you over the years. We’ll give you many reasons why you must consider buying a log home instead spending your money on expensive houses in the city. These are only photos but they give you an opportunity to imagine and contemplate changes.

First of all, a log home requires less maintenance, especially if you plan to live off the grid. There are a lot of log houses that are self-sufficient, so you won’t have to worry about on spending so much just to keep it in good shape. Another reason to buy a log home outside the city is the immaculate view you could be seeing everyday, as you breathe fresh air unlike the polluted air that the city contributes to your lungs. Let’s face it, living in the countryside or somewhere far from tall buildings and malls is healthier. You will be closer to nature and you will have a brand new perspective in life and how you should live it.

These log cabins outside the city represent a lot of things like freedom, peace and awareness. Log cabins are also ideal for those who embrace privacy and at the same time, adventure. If you love hunting or just simply living without having to be bugged by visitors showing up unannounced at your house, then what are you waiting for? We suggest that you do some research on the best log cabins that are out there.

To view all these 20 log cabins that we’re talking about, check out the website “Mashable” below.

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